How to use Rose Hydrosol

Rose Otto Hydrosol *Toner for her* 
-Fatigue skin eye relieving
-Relief red blood streak

Unrestricted applications include:

  • Soak dry mask sheet in 10-15ML Yarma’s Rose Hydrosol and use as an everyday mask. You can spray the dry portion of your face whenever you like. Better if followed with jojoba oil.
  • Bedew cotton pad/cotton wool with Yarma’s Rose Hydrosol, wipe your face and neck. Even on the flight, you are not able to wash your face, Yarma’s Rose Hydrosol always brings refreshing and aroma feeling with you.
  • Great idea to bring Yarma’s Rose Hydrosol with you for travelling.
  • Drop 5ML Yarma’s Rose Hydrosol into baby’s bathing tub for an aroma and happy bath.
  • Mix Yarma’s Rose Hydrosol with natural aloe vera gel with the ratio of 1:1 and use as a daily face mask.
  • Bedew dry eye mask sheet with Yarma’s Rose Hydrosol and use it as daily eye care.
  • Spray your hair and massage gently with Yarma’s Rose Hydrosol after exercises.